Conversion Rate Optimization Turns Window Shoppers into Customers

Make your website the first choice of visitors through
Conversion Rate Optimization

The conversion rate optimization (CRO) focuses on possible areas of improvement in a website with respect to design, layout and content with the purpose of decline in traffic bounce rate and fulfilment of desired target for which site has been developed.

Wondering what conversion rate optimization is all about?

In the World Wide Web (WWW), a conversion is a specific action that you want your web visitor to take on your website or landing page, such as buy a product, download a form, opt-in, register, referring a friend, make a phone call, etc. The conversion event changes the web visitor into a customer or a lead for future prospects.

"The purpose of CRO is to identify causes of low conversions rate from visitors to customers and accordingly, modify the website to enjoy better returns on investment."

How to Determine whether your website is Optimized to boost conversions or not?

In order to check whether your website is optimized or not, the experts at Qtonix have created a list of questions for you to check for conversion rate,

  • Is your website design turning your visitors away?
  • Is your website giving low user experience?
  • Can your visitors navigate through the site without difficulty?
  • Do your visitors encounter problems in reaching your website pages?
  • Is your content not relevant enough to engage the visitors and possibly convert to customers?
  • Does your call to action elements such as form fill-up pagepull out visitors to accomplish the objective?
No wonder, you will experience better traffic percentage, increased satisfaction and conversions followed by growing returns. Call our conversions experts now for details!