Keyword Research & Assessment


We will do keyword research for you and select the terms that can bring the most traffic to your website. Keywords are considered based on the search volume, intent and competitiveness. Also considered are phrase match combinations.


Competitor Web Site Research & Analysis


We undertake in-depth research on your competition, and establish a plan to ensure that you are at the top of your field. Through keyword research, link building and constant monitoring, we observe the online trends, and ensure that you never fall behind.


On Site Optimisation & Content Creation


One of the most important aspect of SEO is on-page optimisation. This includes integration of meta titles, descriptions, header tags, alt tags and internal linking strategies. We also write SEO optimised content, to ensure that the search engines find your site easily.


Directory & Sitemap Submission


Using off-page SEO, we submit your website to local directories, enabling your site to be seen in more sections of search engines, including Google Maps. We also create and submit sitemaps to major search engines to ensure all that your entire site is crawled, indexed and ranked appropriately.


Article Creation & Submission


We write SEO optimised articles, and submit them to high page ranking websites to increase page authority and domain authority of your website. By producing premium content, and submitting it to the right places, the search engines will view your pages more favourably, and in turn will boost your rankings.


Social Media Bookmarking & Social Networks


This is another off-page SEO optimisation technique that we use to spread the word for your website. We submit your website with descriptions to high page ranking social bookmarking and networking websites to enhance your website ranking position. We get people talking about your brand.


Assessment & Monitoring


We take the time throughout all stages of your SEO campaign to assess and monitor performance. We are always looking for ways to optimise the campaigns of our clients, ensuring that each of our projects is heading in the right direction.


Business & Website Analysis


Finding the ways to improve and maximise the performance of your website and business is what we do. Through in-depth analysis, we are able to identify the ways in which your site is underperforming, and implement strategies to make sure they are improving every day.

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